Welcome to the Randwick TAFE College Learnatics Site
"Learnatics is for those teachers who are crazy about learning and want to know more."

The Learnatics wiki is also an example of e-learning so that teachers can learn by e-learning
and so understand ways that outcomes can be achieved by e-learning.

What is in this wiki?:
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What.jpgHome: is where you are now!

Learnatics Sessions: takes you to general information and links for all the Learnatics Professional Development sessions that have run at Randwick College

SI MyLearning Wiki: takes you to the SI resource which has many links to technology and other PD resources

The remaining navigation is broken up into groups:

eLearning Info:

This is where to go to get started in elearning. Want to know where to start? What programs to use? What skills are needed? Try this section!

An update report on recent elearning seminars and research, including the world "Outside TAFE"

These are reports, papers and other research materials that may be of interest to teachers, with a special focus on elearning

This is a place to trial ideas and see what can be done in a wiki along with useful links and files.
There is also some wiki space for participants to use when training in elearning. You can edit these spaces to get your confidence up. Have fun!

This is a "behind the scenes" look at how this wiki is structured and why. The intent is to provide teachers with an opportunity to critically analyse the way that elearning has been implemented using a wiki. It also gives some development history to show how much time has been used and what features are yet to be implemented.

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