Adobe Photoshop Elements

PSE – Adobe Photoshop Elements is a very popular and highly rated photo editing software that has a huge range of application for educators. This session will demonstrate the basics of image editing so that you can get started with preparing images for a range of uses in your teaching. Online editing, online galleries and slideshows will also be discussed.

Adobe Tutorials

You can get some basic tutorials on PSE at:

**Adobe Support for PSE**

Adobe Video Tutorials

Note that the link to Adobe Video Tutorials takes you to a page headed Photoshop Elements 8. Many of the videos are for PSE 7. Start with "Getting Started 01"

Do I really need PSE?

It maybe too that you want to use something easier and available anywhere. Maybe you just need to do occasional editing. Online editing is available including a cut down Photoshop editor. This may also provide an option for students doing small editing tasks.

Online Photo Editing:
Photoshop online provides a gallery space for editing, storing and sharing photos.

Online editing is available at Picnik:

Photoshop Elements - Learnatics Material

This powerpoint was presented at the Learnatics session.

This document has some exercises to work on your PSE skills.

Step by Step - A set of video instructions to get you started

These videos cover the material that was presented at the Learnatics session

The PSE Workspace
Open, align and crop an image
Levels and Colour Adjustment
Sharpen & Save an image
Use the Clone Tool

Sample Images
Here are some sample images that will be edited during the Learnatics session.
Each image was very large initially and has been reduced after loading to the wiki. You can see that there are limitations as these pictures are now at the minimum size that the wiki can reduce them. They could have been sized before uploading to get them all to match in height.

The images are shown as visual items by using the Embed choice for images
Below each image is a link which lets you download the image file and this is the Link to file option.



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