Adobe Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements (PRE) is a very powerful but easy to use video editing software.

A very simple sample video is presented here. The video was recorded using a webcam and then edited in PRE.
PRE also provided the title clip, music and end credit clip.

Watch the video and consider how it could be improved.

Things to consider:
The video was unscripted and one take was used right through
When uploaded to PRE the video was "cut" at various points and poor quality, unclear or repeated sections deleted
The edited video was rendered to a flash video (FLV file) and then uploaded to this wiki.
The whole process including recording, editing and rendering took about 1 hour.

Presentation at Learnatics

Here is the Powerpoint that was used by the presenter for this section:

Were you there? Here is a video of part of the session recorded by an iphone.
Think of using mobiles as one of the possible sources of video for your teaching.
(thanks Steph)

Step by Step - Short videos to get you started

These videos show the basics of PRE 7 enough to get started on editing a simple video.
PRE Workspace
Load Media to PRE
Add A Title
Edit Clips
Add Music
Save to Selected Format

Edited Video
This is the video that was edited down in the How-To videos above.
It is brief but demonstrates the final outcome that could be achieved from a short editing session (approx 30 minutes for an experienced user).
The video clips are from a compact digital camera so video quality is not the highest but adequate for showing in this flash player.
Use this sample to look for areas of improvement such as:
  • Where could the "camera work" be improved?
  • How to tell the story more clearly?
  • Was it too long or too short for its intended purpose?
  • Could some clips be removed and still get the same result?

Where to next:

Adobe TV This link takes you to some online video tutorials by Adobe.

Download this file which is the Adobe Premiere Elements 7 help in Adobe Reader format. This is a large file (28Mb) so will take time to download.

Rode This link takes you to a microphone supplier for an improved microphone to add to your video camera. These fit many cameras if the camera manufacturer's add on microphone is not suitable for your uses.

Can I edit online?

JayCut is an example of an online editor that is available. There are a number of others but don't expect a lot of features or to be able to edit a looong video.

Sample Video Files

In case you need something to work on here are the files that were used in the PRE demonstration on 15th December and in the how-to videos above.
It will take about 10 minutes to download all of these on a broadband connection but you could get some useful exercises done with less files.
The file format is Apple Quicktime and so you will not be able to see the movies run on your computer (outside PRE) if you do not have Quicktime installed
Quicktime is a free download for both PCs and Apples.


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