Windows Movie Maker

This software provides an easy to use basic video editor on most TAFE computers and is an alternative to using Premiere Elements.

This session started with videos that were produced on the new Canon videocam available from the library at Randwick College. Click here to see more about this and other new items for loan.
These were converted to a suitable format and then loaded to Windows Movie Maker as Movie Maker only accepts certain formats.

Simple editing was then done to make a complete video which was exported.

When you have some confidence with Movie Maker you may like to move on to Adobe Premiere Elements which has more powerful editing capabilities.

How to Videos

Follow these links to see the step by step videos

Basics of the workspace
Adding video files
Structure the Video - Storyboard and Timeline views
Titles and Credits
Add Music or Narration
Export the finished video

Here is the final edited file that is used in the How-to videos.
All this video was taken with a compact still camera in video mode so you don't need a real video camera to get started!

This is the same original video file that was then uploaded to YouTube and then 'embedded' in (linked to) the wiki

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