Basics.jpgBasics of eLearning!

What are the basics of elearning?
They could be grouped into four areas as listed below.

Note that these are not listed in a particular order of importance or action as they are interconnected.The areas identified are just convenient groupings to describe the basics.



You will need a method of communicating with your students for elearning. The method used will depend on your experience and the needs of the learners. You could use a method like email to send out text or other content to your students or you might place your content on a website that allows storage space for teachers. The alternatives are listed and outlined on the Communicate page.

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Content is the information that you want to provide to your students.You will need to source, modify or create the content that you wish to communicate to the learners. You may already have content in the form of documents, photos, recordings. Some of these may already be electronic versions, some may need conversion. You may also direct students to content that is available from others such as websites.Many of the issues of Content are outlined on the Content page.

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Construction is about putting it all together. This is mostly familiar territory for teachers. How will we arrange the content to get the best learning outcomes; how will we arrange the mix between online and face to face teaching; how will we structure exercises, role plays and other skill development sessions and so on. There are some elearning specific skills required here. These are outlined on the Construction page.

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As the lesson progresses and at the end we need to assess. Has learning taken place? How will we assess the competency of the learner?
Will we assess online, face to face or a blend? Will we provide self-paced assessment for feedback? How will we assess competencies where collaborative work is involved? These issues are outlined on the Conclusion page.

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