Why Use a Wiki for a Teaching Section?


Capture, share and organise knowledge - procedures, timetables, teacher availability, contact details,

Communication - announcements, news

Share ideas - discussion, reflection

Why not continue to use email to do all of the above?

Things get deleted from your Inbox. Nothing can be lost from the wiki (revert to an earlier version of the page if someone does delete content).

It can be hard to find things in your Inbox. Use the 'search' function to find things in the wiki. Tag pages as you go for easy searching.

The group mail-out might not include everyone. Everyone can access the wiki.

Collaboration through email is inefficient......


From Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

How do I Create a Section Wiki? Lang10 example

cc_thinking_man2.jpg So how do I get staff to use the wiki? Wiki adoption

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