How will the learning be completed so that material is available for learner feedback and learner assessment?

Teachers are well experienced in managing assessment but the online environment may limit some types of feedback on the progress of learning. In a classroom, direct questioning can be used to assess if learning has taken place. In the online environment this cannot occur all the time though it may be feasible in chat or conferencing sessions.

Articles on Assessment
Online Assessment
UTS Assessment

Formative Assessments

An important consideration is that of formative assessment. This can be provided easily online so that the students can self administer and self correct. Sets of short quizzes or other assessment tasks can also be used by the student when they feel they are ready so that they can move at their own pace through learning material.

Summative assessments

It may not be possible to carry out all the necessary summative assessments online but it is a valuable opportunity for the learner to be able to submit work electronically even if marking is carried out by a teacher. Some summative assessments may be able to be done in this way such as multiple choice or written tests provided the learner can be identified, perhaps by a log-in requirement.
It may be that some of the evidence is collected online and some is collected face to face to make a complete set of assessment material that is used to determine competency.

Issues of Plagiarism may of concern too.

Other Learner Feedback

Unit/Teacher Performance Survey
It is always valuable to get learner feedback on the value of the unit studied and the individual teacher's performance. Continuous improvement in content and delivery are always possible and it is important to seek the valuable responses of our learners. A survey is usually used for this purpose and these can be online for the convenience of the learners but also for the teacher as online survey services usually provide data gathering and analysis so that statistics are readily available with little teacher effort.
Survey Monkey has often been used for this purpose. The service is free for a small number of questions but a modest fee is involved with a larger survey.

Pastoral Care
As with all teaching, there is always a concern with the individual learner and their problems. Teachers may choose to direct learners to other support services which may have some online presence. It may also be desirable to make students aware of these services by initial orientation to resources like the college wiki, Randwiki which provide links to such services.

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