This page is a reference to show the logic of how the wiki is constructed from the point of view of an educator.

The idea of providing this information is to present one idea of how learning could be structured using a wiki.

In addition, this page provides a reference to those returning to view the progress of the wiki and to give some idea of the time that might need to be invested to achieve the current level of content and structure.

Learning Structure

The intent and structure of the wiki to achieve that intent is presented as a summary below

Objectives & Expected Outcomes

  • Create an elearning resource that links teachers to relevant information about elearning
  • Create a flexible, dynamic resource that can be accessed at any time
  • Provide teachers with a convenient way of learning about elearning
  • Model one possible elearning construct so that teachers can experience elearning and critique the model
  • Provide teachers with a learning model that has multiple learning paths that can be chosen by the learner
  • Teachers develop a familiarity with the basics of elearning techniques and technologies
  • Teachers review their own learning models to include more flexible delivery and elearning strategies
  • Teachers become more confident and enthusiastic about using elearning and alternative learning strategies

Design of Wiki

The wiki is arranged as layers which provide summaries of each learning area and which provide links to more details either locally in the wiki or from other resources on the intranet and internet.

Because of the nature of wikis it is possible for others to add or edit material in this document.

It is hoped that time may permit such additions by other teachers so that the value and span of the content is enhanced.

The images that have been used have been taken from digital photographs, clip art or digital artwork. All have been created, modified or enhance where needed using Photoshop Elements - a very powerful photo-editing program but which is relatively easy to use.
Most of the more complex coloured text in images, headings or banners are also created in Photoshop Elements.

Progress to Date


(Note: this is written with newest material at the top)
A steady review of material is in progress mid 2010 to ensure currency with technology
Learnatics 1 2010 material has been added
Work has restarted on the long-promised self paced notes for elearning some of which were prepared as part of Learnatics 2 09.
The Learnatics 2 09 has been run and has been a great success. In most cases material from each presented has been loaded to the wiki for further reference by participants.
The wiki is also updated for each "Learnatics" professional development event that is held at the college. Notes from previous years events have been added but the S2 2009 event will connect "on the run" with the wiki to further demonstrated elearning.
The wiki held steady with development due the main adminstrator taking extensive leave mid 2009.
The wiki operated at its base level for most of 2009 with additions of material from conferences as these occurred.
The new content has been added over approximately 50 hours total editing time to 5 March 2009.
This included sourcing and editing time for images.
Restructuring was carried out over a few days up to Jan 16
The wiki was started in its present form on Jan 12 2009.

Current Position

August 2010
Learnatics has run again in June 10 and provided a large quantity of material for inclusion on the wiki.
A number of topics around the new LMBR system, PSE, Connected Classrooms and new technology were covered.

New support documents for self paced learning about elearning are still being prepared.

Future Development

Content is now approaching a point where it is sufficient for introductory needs of staff. Further development will focus on developing higher level of staff access and a more collaborative development.
A survey is still to be added to gather comments, probably using Survey Monkey

Comments and Critique

All comments and constructive crticism welcome. At present the best way to comment is to use the discussion tab above. You have to be logged into the wiki to comment.

Survey: to be prepared