Images direct from most digital cameras could have a large file size.
The size of the image on the screen is proportional to the file size but you can resize once you have your image on screen.

Do not resize the image UP from a small image. You can see why in the image at the bottom of this page.

The sizes given are the actual pixel width (pixel= picture element) of the picture after editing.
Where the images indicate "resizing" this refers to resizing done after uploading to the wiki.

Review these images for consideration of their quality and what size might be useful for your purposes.

150 pixels wide

300 pixels wide resized from 600 pixels wide

600 pixels wide

600 pixels wide resized from1200 pixels wide (resized DOWN)

Notice that it is clear and sharp - compare to the image below.

300 pixels wide resized from 150 pixels wide (resized UP)
This image is fuzzy because it is 'pixellated' - the individual picture elements are starting to show.
Always resize from a large image DOWN; do not resize UP.

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