This page summarises the Learnatics sessions that have been run to date. Apart from being a history this page gives pointers to information for those that may have missed the sessions or those that may have attended and wanted to review or remember.

Learnatics 2012 (1)

This session was run on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th June.
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Learnatics 2011 (2)

This session will run on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th December.
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Learnatics 2011 (1)

This session will run in the non-teaching week in June 2011. Click below to go to the session details.
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Learnatics 2010 (2)

This session ran in a non-teaching week in December 2010.
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TDW Session for CEOs

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TAA Cert 4 Sessions

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Learnatics 2010 (1)

The material for these sessions will be added to the wiki when sessions are complete.
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Learnatics 09 (2) 15th December

This material for these sessions will be added during and after the planned date.
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Learnatics 08 (2) 10th December

Somewhat abbreviated compared to previous sessions, this session concentrated on a review of Office 07 changes compared to Office 03 Adobe Connect and elearning technologies.

An Office 07 session was also run to introduce staff to the changes with the new 'Ribbon' technology.
These sessions were focused on MS Word and MS Outlook. Click here to go to Microsoft online training for Office 03 and Office 07

Learnatics 08 (1) 30th June

A focus on wikis and elearning, these sessions provided training and discussion about the use of wikis for teaching. Three levels were presented to provide for those just starting, those that had a wiki and were seeking teaching models and those that wanted to extend their wiki skills using the collaborative features of wikis with students.
An Office 03 session was also run to support skills improvement with MS Office products

Learnatics 1 2007

The first Learnatics sessions ran on 10th December 2007. The day was essentially a showcase for a wide variety of elearning methods.
Sessions were grouped by learning area with teachers in each area providing examples from their own teaching at Randwick.

A summary comparison of four positive features characterising Wikis and Janison:

More material: Link to Randwiki page