There are lots of things happening in elearning and they are happening very quickly. It is always useful to see what
others are doing so we have some idea of what is possible and the likely expectations of our students. Most of the
information below is provided as links with a few comments to assist your selection.

Some links to try:

Australian Government

Flexible Learning Framework - a national resource and funding body for flexible learning strategies

Online Institutions

Wikiversity: a project by Wikimedia Foundation (they started Wikipedia, the online collaborative encyclopaedia).
This is a collaborative resource for teaching and learning.

Private /

ACPET - Australian Council for Private Education & Training

Collaborative Private-Public

2010 Horizon Report A link to the 2010 report in elearning trends around the world

Horizon Project - Students around the world contribute to education, mostly high school level

International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning - Great discussion and research papers