e-learning 2010 is this year's conference on elearning methods, research and funded projects by NSW Flexible Learning Framework.
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The focus this year was on sustainable e-learning
Randwick College had a number of attendees including teachers from Languages lead by HT Judie Cross showcasing their ePortfolio project.

Image by Robyn Jay

Of particular interest was the keynote speaker day 1, Andrew Douche, a teacher from Shepparton High School "Redefining the Classroom"
Andrew (see above) held the audience captive for an hour with his inspirational presentation about effective elearning, student engagement and real outcomes for students.

You can find the podcast of this and other sessions at eLearning Podcasts

A number of great breakout sessions were available including Michael Coughlan's presentation and discussion about the need for content.

Here are a few of us discussing his ideas and our own thoughts on the importance of developing content versus using what is out there versus 'making it happen on the run'.
Image by Mike Coughlan