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eLearning08 is the annual showcase for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in NSW.

This showcase presents the work of those that have been funded in 2008 but also provides a forum
for discussion and presentation of techniques and directions of elearning in NSW and the world.

There were a number of representatives from Randwick:
Brian McLauchlan
Judie Cross
Kara Whittingham

Brian McLauchlan:

Mark Pesce was the keynote speaker and presented his view of the future of education.
Similar to that presented at SI ICT strategy forum (for those that attended) he also presented at a conference in US.
I sent the link to his schools presentation video around to staff previously.
Mark has again thrown out the challenge to all to get moving or get left behind.

Critical elements he mentioned:
Share everything! - our value as educators is no longer in our content.
The internet provides all the content that anyone could need. Being concerned about 'my' lessons is no longer relevant - Stanford and Harvard Universities put all their lectures online for all to see!

Record everything! - don't miss an opportunity to record what is being said or done so that everyone can benefit from the material.

We have to question what we are providing to the student if it is not content - basically it is a service; structure, facilitation, support, validation, assessment.

What a start to the conference!!

Details of the showcase and presentations (including mp3 downloads) are available at:

NOTE: The material is in reverse order so the opening of the showcase is at the bottom of the page on the above link.

Conference pictures are at:

My particular observations:
This is an average image of the stage but shows the result of using my mobile phone to email an image direct to my TAFE email. An easy technology that all students could use.

Adobe Captivate and Presenter:
Adobe help is great - sample at http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/photoshopelements/
We need a copy of Adobe Presenter to make more compact versions of powerpoint for distribution.

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements:
A demo by Adobe of the features of both these products in their latest incarnation V 7.0. As before these are great products but as an aside the demonstration of Adobe Soundbooth showed a very powerful ability to create verbatim text direct from a video file. This could be used in Languages to support students in studying video content (cloze for instance) Also may be useful for Disabilities to provide conversion of voice files instead of notetaking in some classes. This technology may be more useful than Dragon as it seems to be able to convert speech from multiple speakers with little error and no training.

Here are a few SI participants at the showcase (image by Stephan Ridgway)

More images on Flikr with elearning08 tags

An industry based forum presented a range of viewpoints on elearning in business.
We heard from Kate Carruthers CEO Digital Business Group (chair), Catherine Eibner Microsoft Australia, Ryan Tracey E-Learning Manager AMP Customer Service and James Dellow Consultant Chief Technology Solutions
What was really interesting was the pervasive nature of elearning solutions in industry but still with a blended mode of delivery where necessary.

What, no presenter?
The first item of the second day was an international presentation using Adobe Connect so noone physically on stage.
Three authors of the first regional Horizon Report discussed the high points of their research.

Two of the presenters were located in an airport in California. Truly mobile technology!

The Horizon Report is very important and lists a number of new technologies that a panel
of educators, techos and industry people believe will impact on education in the near future.
Interestingly this is the first time that this report has included a regional report and that
regional report is Australian and New Zealand- it speaks to the activity in elearning in the area.
Most of the trends identified in our region were similar to US and world trends so we should look
at these carefully.

Here is the downloadable PDF of the report:

A Flickr workshop was very valuable. Driven by a TAFE languages teacher Michael Coghlan, we all
learned quickly how to use Flickr as a teaching tool. What was particularly good was to learn that Flickr can set up an email account direct from your mobile phone so that your images can be sent direct to Flickr from anywhere as long as you have your mobile. Here is a sample pic - a challengefor the mobile being indoors but this is Mike doing his stuff at elearning08.
This pic was the result of my starting from zero and having to create accounts, set up the details and all done in about 30 minutes!

Social E-Learning reviewed a DVD handout which is particularly interesting for those that want to
compare technologies. It may be possible to use this as a local tool to support staff in selecting
appropriate elearning and evaluating their own knowledge in an area.

Lots of informal discussions too about elearning, teaching, pedagogy, changes to teaching and
the impacts of technology. Very valuable as usual - now to convert the experience to increased
value at the College!

Judie Cross:

Green Power

A project session occurred on Day 1, showcased four different projects related to caring for our environment.
Particularly impressive was the first presentation:
Linking Up For Sustainability
which has succeeded in forming both a digital and actual community focussed on sustainability.

The above link to Sustainability uses Voicethread technology for which Viv Evans is a great facilitator:

http://voicethread.com/ is a cool collaborative tool that enables you to build and share a collaborative story, give presentations and much more in 3 quick steps. CREATE... COMMENT... SHARE.

I have begun to build this information page using Voicethread as the key tool of communication/instruction about Voicethread. I hope others will contribute useful resources regarding Voicethreads in the usual collaborative wiki way!

Here is a single page outline of Voicethread with key links which would be useful for those wanting printed information to take away.
external image pdf.png VoiceThread - An Introduction by Vivian Evans.pdf

Have fun with Voicethread! I certainly do...
Regards Vivian Evans

Point of View (POV) Cameras (popularly known as Spy Glasses and the like)

Creating short video files from the point of view of the instructor

Alexander Hayes is pictured here wearing a mini POV camera embedded discreetly in his sunglasses and linked wirelessly to the web. Alex presented a fascinating session on the various types of these cameras, illustrating and discussing the potential and current use of them in education. One particular application involves the filming of mini skills demonstrating such how to do tasks professionally such as paint brush cleaning (pictured in the background) or, in the future, aspects of Dental Technology? The value of being able to watch and study such short videos from the perspective of the skilled instructor (rather than as a passive observer seeing a mirror image) is truly exciting.